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Dianic Rites of Life. I love the creation story in the beginning of the chapter. Also, that Women's Mysteries are concerned with the natural cycles of life. Is there a better way to live? I don't think so. At least not for me.

One thing I must remark about is the Goddess Themis. I don't know why I've never focused on this Goddess, but like I've said in the past, we learn something new everyday or everytime we read a book over and over. Somehow, I never knew about the real essence of this Goddess. Maybe it's because I had so much more to learn about living in community before I could grasp her significance. As you state in the Holy Book, Goddess Themis is recognized as the oldest of all gods, as the Wisdom of the Earth, the soul of Gaia the Earthmother herself. Then I guess Themis would have to represent the consciousness of the earth, our collective consciousness and also the conscience of humanity and bonded community. Themis would then be a good guardian over our covens and groves, and should be invoked at our Council Meetings when we take consensus. She would be the goddess of social order that foresees & oversees our evolution on Earth and would help us work together for the common good. Would this be a correct evaluation?

Knowing more about Themis, I did invoke her in a spell I did as my homework for this class. I looked through the pages on spells...and created one on my own instead, because none fit the exact profile I was looking for and this spell needed to be done.

This spell was done in the last quarter, just before Lammas, when the moon was waning to dark. I did it as a necessity, to protect our coven from the harm and scams a former sister is trying to perpetrate on sisters in our collective. This sister relapsed into active addiction and alcoholism last December, and from that time to this, she has done nothing but cause trouble, spread malicious gossip and harrass many sisters in our collective. I've never experienced anything like this, and I've worked in the field of Chemical Dependency for a long time. This isn't just a usual relapse. This sister had some kind of psychotic break and is actually scheming to take money away from sisters that helped her in the past, that she actually believes she can take advantage of. So I did the following spell to protect myself and the sisters in the circle and keep her from doing further harm...

I prepared for this spell by making a poppet doll from a dark grey cloth, sewing her from north to west to south to east, then filling her with verbain, rosemary and rue. I then stitched her up completely, and painted a face on her to resemble the individual causing the problems and creating harm, with yarn on her head to symbolize her hair color. I also wrote her name on the doll.(It looks pretty much like her)

I then prepared my solitary altar with two white candles on both sides of my goddess statue as usual, but also placed goddess cards and statues on the altar to represent the Goddesses Themis, Hecate, and Maat.

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greek goddess

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I laid my braided waist cord in a circle and laid the doll in the center on a white piece of cloth. Then I place two cups of water with a black candle in each on either side of the doll, to symbolize the negative energies being created by this individual. Then I sprinkled the doll with the waters. (I also placed little piles of vervain and rue around the altar on the outside of my cord, for protection.)

I began this spell at midnight, when my home was perfectly quiet.

I started by lighting incense of frankincense and myrrh. Then I cast a circle with my athame, invoked the four directions and elements, and lit the candles in all four corners. Then I sat and purified the altar and myself with sage and began meditating on the subject of my spell.

Next, I called on the Goddesses, Themis, Maat and Hecate... (for social conscience, justice and choices) I asked for their help and direction in this matter. I spoke to them from my heart, explaining why this sick sister should be stopped from her evil deeds and why I felt true justice needed to be restored to the innocent ones in this situation.

Then... I then lit the two black candles on either side of the doll and said:

May these black candles represent
all fears and deep resentment
that causes harm to come our way
upsetting peace both night or day

May these candles flame and burn
Dispelling evil to never return
And as these candles burn with glee
May they cancel negativity...

Little Candles, hear me well...
for evil now you must dispel,
And in the water it must go
to cleanse the heart of this troubled soul...

I now stand within my power
protected from all harm this hour
Great Goddesses, please hear my plea
and shield me from all evil deeds...
So Mote it be.

After I finished praying to the goddesses and lighting the black candles, I took the poppet doll in my hands and offered her up to the goddesses saying:

Great Goddesses, to you I pray
So hear the words that I now say
For Every Wrong must come around
and justice met upon these grounds!

Themis, Maat and Hecate...
Keep Joyce safe, yet far away
Lock her up or Let her flee
but bind her with her misery...

This friend became an enemy,
who schemes against humanity,
So by the power of 3 x 3...
reveal her lies and set us free!

Then I took my binding tape and starting binding the dolls' hands and feet saying:

Joy Sea, Joy Sea, Can't you see?
Your Evil plots are poisoning thee?
So I'll bind you to the left & bind you to the right
to delfate your power on this Dark Moon Night!

May you now be doomed by your own misdeeds
May innocent ones be protected from thee
May you NOW be stopped from roaming free
Unless you find RECOVERY!

By the power of Air & burning fire
by the Will of the Fates and deep desire,
May this spell be swift by land and sea
and as I Will... So Mote it Be!

Then I sprinkled the doll with salt and vervain, wrapped her in a white cloth to keep her warm, and put her in a little plasic basket box, that resembles a jail cell. Then I placed the box with her in it between the two blank candles on the altar.

Next, I lit my two white candles on either side of my Source Goddess Statue and said:

As the dark moon reigns this night
I light these candles with delight
to represent our spirits bright
and bring protection day or night

Surround us now with conscious love
from Earth below to sky above..
Protect us from all enemies
that hinder us from living free...

With salt I bless this altar round
sprinkling it from sky to ground
and in the Circle I will stay
with love and trust for all my days...

And in the Circle, may we strive
to spark a place where love resides,
where trust can grow and hearts can mend
where peace and joy can flow again...

Banish all this dark moon night,
with every harm of tonque or fight,
Great Goddesses bring blessings be
As I ask... So Mote it Be!


Then I did a short self blessing saying:
Bless my thoughts, that I may be open to higher visions,
Bless my eyes, that I may see the beauty in all things,
Bless my lips, that I may speak with love and kindness,
Bless my nose, that I may inhale the sweet essence of life,
Bless my ears, that I may listen to her inner wisdom,
Bless my heart, that I may be filled with compassion,
Bless my breasts, that I may always nurture myself
Bless my belly, that I may always stand in my power,
Bless my yoni, that I may always know pleasure and honor the gateway of life,
Bless my hands, that I may always do good work,
Bless my feet, that I may always walk in these sacred ways...
Bless my body, mind and spirit, that I may always be true to myself, above all.
So Mote it Be.

I now thank the Goddesses Themis, Maat and Hecate for being present with me in this sacred rite... Farewell and Blessed Be...

And by the Air that is her breath, Fire of her bright spirit, Waters of her living womb and Earth this is her body, this circle is now open, but may it remain unbroken and may the peace of the Goddess be forever in my heart. May we meet, and May we part and May we always meet again. Blessed Be.

(After the two black candles burned down into the water, I flushed the water down the toilet and took the stubs of the black candles with me to bury in the high Sierra Mountains for Lammas. Then I placed the little basket that contained the doll on another altar of mine in front of the Blessed Mother Mary for protection and a change of heart, and she's been there ever since.) I'll let you know what happens after this. Hopefully, we won't have anymore trouble with this woman and she'll find the help she desperately needs.)

While reading about Themis in the Holy Book, I also decided to do the Devotion Ritual on page 67 and make it a part of my life. I arranged 7 mounds of blue vervain on my altar... then lit some white candles and a green one and said...

In the name of the triple Goddess
Who names are as the stars
Protect me from all evil
Keep trouble and sorrow afar...
Remove all fear and oppression
and purify my ways
Bringing freedom & inspiration,
until my dying day.

Then I sprinkled a little lavender in my center dish of vervain and said:

Bless me now with harmony, peace, prosperity, good health and a long life...

From this day forward...

I ask this in the name of Themis,
Aradia, and her great Mother Diana...
Queen of my ancestors...Blessed Be.

Lady J. Silverwitch


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